Sing your heart out with Beatles-A-Day and SHH!

It's time to let your voice loose and SING!  Join in the drive-in karaoke fun with Somerset Hills Harmony (SHH) in a one time event - the Karaoke Car Choir Concert!  An hour of you jamming and belting out Beatles tunes to the Canadian folk duo, Mo and Ameilia - telecast LIVE! 

How does a karaoke car choir concert work?  As the name implies, you get to sing songs you know, with a lot of other fun people, while in your car!  We will have people joining online too!  Just want to listen in?  Totally cool – that’s the concert part, just like being at a karaoke event.

SHH is an a cappella chorus of dozens of singers of all kinds of backgrounds who join their voices to make amazing harmonies to popular songs from the radio, the broadway stage and the soundtrack of your life.  They have perfected the drive-in rehearsal method that allows the singer to sing safely from their car with a microphone.  Their voice combines with dozens of others with the help of a sound tech and the chorus sound is played instantaneously over the radio into their car.   And, get this, we have people joining in the rehearsals from all over the country by dialing in to a Zoom webconference in the comfort of their homes!  They sing along with the choir, though they are muted to the chorus. 

Beatles-A-Day is a brilliant pandemic project of our friends Mo Field and Amelia Charnock.  They have taken to YouTube and Facebook in their pledge to cover a Beatles song every day of the pandemic.  Perhaps they underestimated how long that gig would last, with over 400 episodes so far!  They will join SHH from their home studio in Toronto via a Zoom webcast with the chorus singing along just like they have been doing in rehearsals.  The technology is pretty mindboggling and bringing this wonderfully safe harmony experience to YOU!

SO what do you need to do to get in on the fun?

First step
- RSVP to Tracey Hunter at  Let her know your name, email address and whether you would like to borrow a microphone (which has been sanitized) to join your voice with the chorus or would just like to sing along in your car without a mic.  Please note we have dozens of microphones that are available first come, first served.

Second step - the night before the event you will receive an email to complete our Health Screening Questionnaire.  A simple form that asks routine questions about possible risks of exposure to COVID-19 that lets us know if there are any concerns of the spreading of the virus with your attendance.  The safety of our singers is our top priority and we appreciate everyone's willingness to share this basic information, as well as contact information if it were ever needed for contact tracing.  Also in that email will be the link to the Zoom web-conference for the karaoke concert.

Third step - brush up on your Beatles!  We have NO idea what songs will be on the set list, though we can expect them all to be Beatles hits. Get a preview of Mo and Amelia on their Facebook page ( or YouTube channel:

Fourth step
- get ready!  Bring some water to keep your voice in singing shape.  Make sure to have a powered up smart phone that you can use to log in to the Zoom web-conference while in your car.  Think of how you can place your phone so that you can see our host performers, such as a phone stand or car mount for smart phones.  You don't have to join the Zoom to participate in the karaoke choir, however it will be a big plus for you (and us)!

Lastly, it's concert day!  Please arrive to the Pluckemin Presbyterian Church between 1 and 1:15 or so.  Late arrivals are ok, however it would be fantastic if you arrive in that time window.  We'll greet you, check you off the RSVP list, check your temperature and then direct you to your parking space.  If you are provided with a loaned microphone, we will get you wired in to the sound. 

As an added bonus, if you just want to keep on singing, just stay right in that parking spot and join in SHH’s drive-in rehearsal from 2:30-5!  We can even get the music to you in advance, just send an email expressing your interest to

Our on-site support team will be masked and maintain safe distancing as much as practically possible.  Want a preview of what singing with a bunch of people in cars in a parking lot is like?  Check this out:

We look forward to seeing you in the parking lot!