The Gold Dynamic Fact Sheet

What's it like to be a member of The Gold Dynamic

What is The Gold Dynamic?

The Gold Dynamic is an SATB contemporary a cappella ensemble formed in 2016, primarily consisting of recently post- collegiate a cappella singers. The ensemble is a subset of Somerset Hills Harmony, New Jersey’s premier mixed gender all-age a cappella chorus. The Gold Dynamic is also a member of the Contemporary A Cappella League.

How do I join The Gold Dynamic?

Membership in The Gold Dynamic has two components. You need to be accepted into Somerset Hills Harmony and become a member of the chorus (more on that below). And you have to pass an audition for The Gold Dynamic. These can be done in either order, but it is important to understand that all Gold Dynamic performers need to be full performing members of the chorus.  Auditions are held several times a year.  Keep an eye on our website for information or join our email list.

What is the time commitment?

Both ensembles rehearse the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month (and the 5th Monday if applicable). Gold Dynamic rehearsals begin at 6:45 and run until 7:45. The full chorus begins at 7:15 and goes until 9:45. GD members join the full chorus rehearsal at 7:45. This way you don’t have to worry about additional rehearsal nights.

What kind of songs do you sing?

The Gold Dynamic tends to focus mostly on contemporary pop/rock with a fun mix of styles and rhythms within the genre. The full chorus sings a much broader range, including contemporary, Broadway, doo-wop, barbershop, traditional and more.

What about performances?

If Somerset Hills Harmony is giving a concert, it is likely that The Gold Dynamic will be performing. But The Gold Dynamic will also be able to set its own separate concert schedule as well, whether as guest performers at another event, and independently booked gig, etc.

What resources are provided?

The ensemble is professionally coached. We will have sheet music and try to have instrumental audio tracks at a minimum for each song, with parts emphasized. All songs that are sung by the full chorus utilize professional vocal learning tracks.

Are there any other commitments I need to know about?

Beginning in 2020, the full chorus will be competing 1-2 times per year in adjudicated Barbershop Harmony Society competitions. It is our aim to be an internationally recognized elite mixed chorus, and to eventually compete at the national/international level.

What is the financial commitment for members of SHH and the Gold Dynamic?

All members of SHH and GD are members of the Somerset Hills chapter and will be required to be Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) members.

A few key notes about membership fees for members of SHH:
  • Chapter dues address our direct operating expenses such as rehearsal space, music, directors, and so on. SHH dues are currently $40/quarter or $150/year if paid in full. SHH dues are waived for full time students and active military personnel. Financial hardships for SHH dues will be considered and kept confidential. We do not want chapter dues to keep you from singing!
  • BHS annual dues are $169 (of which $25 goes to the district). These dues are waived for any members under the age of 26 for the first year and half price for following years until they reach 26 years old. There is a one- time $10 enrollment fee. The BHS dues can be paid monthly via credit card or direct debit which spreads out the financial impact. BHS membership provides SHH and its members many great benefits including insurance, leadership support and a wide community of peers.
  • No additional dues are required to be a member of the Gold Dynamic. It is expected that the Gold Dynamic will generate independent performance revenue that may exceed its specific expenses. If so, the members of the Gold Dynamic may be able to offset their future chapter dues with the excess. This is similar to how some barbershop quartets associated with other chapters operate.

Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS)

The Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) preserves and extends the reach of a uniquely American close harmony musical art form whose roots lie in African-American improvisation and European harmony traditions. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee since 2007, this nonprofit organization provides active programs and resources in music education, publishing, performance, and community outreach.

With 22,000 active members and affiliate organizations, BHS comprises a network of nearly 80,000 singers worldwide.

Contemporary A Cappella League (CAL)

CAL is a collective of ensembles that provides resources and support for contemporary a cappella groups. The website lists dozens of member ensembles, including The Alexandria Harmonizers (BHS), who have a small ensemble called “TBD.The board of directors of CAL includes Deke Sharon and many other prominent a cappella visionaries. In a way, CAL is similar to the early days of the Barbershop Harmony Society in fostering a community for a cappella singing to flourish. In their own words:

The mission of CAL is to spread harmony through harmony by helping people form, join, and maintain contemporary a cappella singing groups, and to provide performing opportunities, education, motivation, and accolades, while helping grow the adult a cappella community across the globe.
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