Audition for The Gold Dynamic

What if there was a contemporary a cappella group where…
→  You could sing great, satisfying charts that weren’t excruciatingly difficult?
  You sing the songs you love, like from Coldplay, Pentatonix, Sia and the Beatles
→  You only had rehearsals twice a month…because everyone was prepared and brought their “A” game?
  The music director not only has a cappella chops, and has a music degree, but is also a professional music teacher?
  The ensemble is part of a much larger chorus so not only do you get to rock the mic, but you can enjoy the sweet sounds of a cappella on a much bigger scale?
  You aren’t asked to do a million administrative tasks?  Helping here and there, sure, but learning QuickBooks and preparing tax returns?  Nah, we got someone for that (and many other things).
→  You are home, among friends, that almost feel like family.  Seriously.
WAIT A MINUTE!  THERE IS!  And now you can make good on that pledge that you made to yourself to keep singing even though you are done high school or college.  You owe it to yourself to check out The Gold Dynamic, an auditioned ensemble of Somerset Hills Harmony!  (All GD members are also part of the Somerset Hills Harmony chorus.) 

Check out our Fact Sheet to learn more about what it's like to be a member of The Gold Dynamic, click here: Gold Dynamic Fact Sheet.

Check out the upcoming Gold Dynamic audition night where you can meet the members of The Gold Dynamic and shake off any vocal rust on some songs we can almost guarantee you haven’t sung before…but wish you did!

WHEN:      Monday, November 18th, starting at 6:45pm

WHERE:    Pluckemin Presbyterian Church, 279 US-202, Pluckemin, NJ


1) Perform a verse and chorus of any pop song you would like, from memory and a cappella
2) Prepare to sing "Can't Buy Me Love" in an ensemble (with current GD members).  Pick whichever voice part you would like.  You only have to sing up to the interlude on page 10 and will be able to use sheet music (bonus points for memorizing your part). Sheet music and an instrumental track of the song can be found here: 

WHAT does it take to pass the audition?  Your ability to sing independently on your voice part, maintaining pitch and with a great ability to blend with the ensemble are some of the keys vocally.  Some musical improvisation skills are fanatstic (ability to harmonize for example) as are beatboxing, arranging and anything else you can add to the group.  You should have the ability to read sheet music.  In addition, as a performance ensemble you should be able to move with the music and visually perform the piece as well as vocally.  Lastly, the ensemble will be limited on how many performers sing each voice part.  While it is hoped that all those that meet the audition criteria will be invited to join GD, it is possible some people will not be accepted at this time.

The Gold Dynamic is post-collegiate a Cappella ensemble. We are New Jersey's premiere Contemporary a Cappella League group and we perform in the New Jersey and New York areas. We are also a member of the Contemporary A Cappella League. We cover a wide variety of popular music through our lively renditions of different songs.

For questions or to RSVP, just send an email to
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