SHH and Gold Dynamic a Finalist for Barbershop Harmony Society "Innovator of the Year" Award - Somerset Hills Harmony

SHH and Gold Dynamic a Finalist for Barbershop Harmony Society "Innovator of the Year" Award
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Posted By: Christian Hunter
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Date Posted: Sun, Sep 6 2020
In 2020 the Barbershop Harmony Society embarked on a new way to celebrate the major accomplishments of groups and individuals impacting the barbershop world - the "Barbershop Harmony Society Awards".  The first annual ceremony was slated for a black tie gala at the 2020 International Convention scheduled for Los Angeles this past July.  While the pandemic put a damper on the convention, the BHS adapted and will be presenting the awards online with all the pomp and circumstance such a fine event should feature.  Hosted by BHS personality Alex Morris, the awards will be presented Monday, September 14th at 8 pm Eastern on YouTube.

Somerset Hills Harmony and the Gold Dynamic are honored to have been selected as a finalist for "Innovator of the Year".  The merger of the Gold Dynamic with SHH made headlines for uniting two different a cappella worlds - barbershop and contemporary a cappella.  The partnership resulted in a boost to both groups with fresh voices joining both ensembles and the sharing of talents to benefit all.

As only befitting a Virtual Awards Gala, SHH and Gold Dynamic will be dialed in to the awards show.  Regardless of the outcome, the lustre of being chosen as a finalist is magnificent.  And fear not, SHH and the Gold Dynamic aren't done innovating.  Check out a Hot Rods and Harmony Drive-In Rehearsal and judge for yourself!

Tune into the BHS channel on YouTube to watch all of the BHS Awards: